Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Seasonal Festivities

For a family who isn't crazy about Halloween (although we are crazy about fall, and we do love pumpkin patches, apple orchards and thanksgiving fairs), we sure did have a lot of parties this season.

David has been attending Club 67, a youth group for grades 6 and 7 at our church. Last Friday they held a Mystery at the Mansion and encouraged kids to come dressed as though they were going to a party at a Hollywood Mansion. I encouraged the kids to go for Old Hollywood.

When we got there, they made me check the instructions again because so many kids had come in every day clothes, or just...not what you'd expect. One boy came as a M&M (I explained that he was going for the Adam Levigne Hollywood)...

They played a game which was a bit like real life Clue, and the girls came home with best costume awards. David was pretty made he didn't win, but maybe they thought they couldn't give all the awards to one group?

Elisabeth also had a Hallowe'en event at her Kids' Club at our old church. I forgot to get a picture of her from that.

Then on Hallowe'en, Alexis came over with Ada, and Elisabeth's friend Scarlett came to trick or treat with us. I stayed home with Ruben and the rest of the kids (plus Tommy, Larrry and Griff) went out FOR TWO HOURS.

Alexis made this Kiki costume for Ada. If you don't know who Kiki is, google it. Pretty awesome.

David went as a Pikachu. I was supposed to be a Pokemon Trainer and go with him, but I'm just still to sick for wandering around neighborhoods.

And then last night, David's other youth group had a fall fair with pumpkin bowling, a camp fire, apple bobbing and board games. Apparently it was a blast!

He dressed up as the Great Gatsby (or a mobster?) and Ashlie went as Taylor Swift.

Good times. Now to start planning the Christmas activities!