Sunday, January 15, 2017

And from the cell phone...

Well this is the pictures off my cell from December 17-20.

I decorated my gingerbread house a little more.

 Then we decorated Tommy.

 I showed him how to eat pringles.

 And then we went to Vancouver <3

 This fire was a highlight for me. Next year I think I'll bring a thermos with something hot and let the rest of my family watch the stuff inside while I just sit by the fire.

Inside the tent with the live music and food.

 Their dancing faces.
 More fire. Because that's what *I* came for.

 Then we skipped the next activity to get hot food.

 Before riding a train through more lights.

 We saw an advertisement for Bloedel.

And took pictures under the lights.

Then we tried to sober up drunk santa.

And caught snowflakes on our faces.

 Everywhere but on our tongues.

We danced along the avenue.

 And stopped to look at vintage window displays.

 Pikachu complained the whole time.

 And children were accosted by sea gulls.

 We had lunch, but pikachu was still not happy.

 Then we walked in the snow to make the mother happy.

 We saw weird, food adorned snowmen.

 And pretty hearts for parking bicycles.

 Or something.

 Some of us went back to the hotel at this point, and some of us made snowmen.

 And finally made it to their desired destination.

 Happiness is a snowy walk with your best boy.

 We liked these two cute little buildings that are being taken over by larger ones.

 And we took selfies in the Christmas decorations.

 Then we went to Van Dusen Garden and saw more pretty lights.

 And kissed by the Eiffel Tower.

 And someone may have been very naughty. (Another someone may have tried to get revenge and hit a stranger instead. Thankfully, she was very nice about it).

 I like this blue whale.

 We wandered through a Christmas display at a mall and admired this van.

 We took a picture by the sign that was lying about Robson Square Rink being open for skating.

 We pretended we were Mary Tyler Moore.

 And we FINALLY found the Red Robins so mum could have her gingerbread shake.

 Nice view from this place.

 The view from hotel was very nice at night.

 We found the gnomes at Bloedel Garden.

 And some of the birds.

 And half of us rode the ferris wheel.

 We ended our trip with a day on the mountain.

 Which was partly closed because of snow fall.

 So we went and coloured instead of building snow things.

 And then we got ready to skate.

 And admired the view.
 And the snow.

 And the gingerbread things.

And then it was time to go home.



Amazing storytelling and gorgeous pictures. Thank you Andrea xoxo