Monday, August 14, 2006


JSY said...

GORGEOUS...simply gorgeous.

Miss Tink-E, when you gonna let your Auntie Jenn and pseudo-cousins babysit you and Brudder so Mama and Daddy can go stare at the wall of the nearest Starbucks?

Sorry I've been so absent of late--I got a new proofreading job for alive magazine in Burnaby, and the first two weeks have been brutal on the brain. Of course, they don't compare to what you're doing, Miss A, but the photo of you and Davey below sure show a confident, secure mom. You look amazing. Did you stop long enough to soak your girlie parts after squeezing out this watermelon, or did you just jump right back into your super-suit?

I will write this week...promise.

xoxo Auntie Jennsy

Christine said...

Mee, too, crazy auntie Chrissy thinks this is the most beautiful baby girl. Hope we can all get together soon and see this princess Royal. Much love and prayers for you all. Hope you'll be feeling like your usual self soon.

the lintinen's said...

bring us the baby!!!