Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Leavenworth Day Two:

The highlight of Leavenworth was the breakfast food. Not because of the food (which was good), but because this gentleman came and played his alp horn. AHHHHH.

Dancing to the music by the fireplace.

In the toy store. I'm going to blame the fact that we were in America...

We went into what we thought was the Nutcracker museum. Turns out it was only the gift shop!

I liked this old guy.

Then we wandered around town again.

And walked along the river. The big swings were too close to the mud puddles so we tried out the baby ones instead.

Lunch was a Pumpkin Spice Latte (my first ever!) and a slice of pumpkin loaf. What can I say, it felt like fall!

Then we decided to head to Cashmere.

I really liked the apple trucks!

The reason for our road trip? A tour of a candy factory!

EVERYTHING was done by hand. It was pretty cool to watch!

Then we stopped at the Pioneer Museum. Lots of Native artifacts.

Even an HBC display!

And a village! They brought in existing houses from a 30 mile radius and recreated a pioneer village...on a much smaller scale, I'm sure.

Elisabeth was a bit bored though.

And finally, on the way back to Leavenworth, we stopped at this awesome fruit stand.

Didn't buy anything though - I wasn't sure what the rules were for bringing fruit/veggies back into Canada.

Then it was time to say goodbye.