Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Christmas Concerty Day

We had three Christmas concerts this year. David's entire school participated in telling the story of the origins of the Christmas Carol, Silent Night. I was at both performances and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them both! And we ended the night with a Christmas Carol Sing Along. It was great fun, made even better by the company we kept at both concerts.

Unfortunately though, the lighting wasn't great and we didn't have the best seats, so I don't have any good pictures.

The kids were also in a concert at church. Once again, we had terrible seats for taking pictures, but it was sooooo cute seeing our kids participate in their concerts. David is quite the bopper! And Elisabeth shocked us both by coming down with a terrible case of stage fright! In the end she did very well though she definitely sings louder at home :)

And then Elisabeth had a Christmas party/concert at her preschool. Daddy took the morning off and Braylon and I joined him for the first part of the party. Then Braylon and I left to help David's class with their Christmas crafts. Here are some pictures!

Andrew and Elisabeth made a Christmas Centrepiece.

And Elisabeth thought Ben looked so cute in his elf hat, she just couldn't resist hugging him!

When we got home, she decided it was high time she worked on her letter to Santa. As you can tell, she put a lot of effort into the letter.

Then, after the big kids came home, we decorated cookies. GREAT fun :)

Ashlie stole my camera for a little photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the write-up thank you Andrea.