Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crescent Beach Stroll

A combination of more beautiful weather and a killer headache had me craving a walk by the ocean today. So after church and a quick lunch, we headed towards Crescent Beach. Because I really needed the WALK portion to happen (usually we end up parking and playing), I suggested we park near the 101 stairs and hoof it from there. So. Here are the 101 stairs.

And the train bridge followed by endless beach.

Nice to be amongst the trees.

This picture is not telling the whole truth here. Of course the beach was very crowded. But I squeezed this shot in between the people. Gorgeous, isn't it. No wonder we love it here.

The kids were trying to scrape the barnacles off the rocks.

Me and Andy got a kick out of all the shells left face up like this. Like giant mouths coming up for air or something.

Lizzie found a shell. So of course we had to bring it home.

One of my favorite houses.

And another. Love the porch.

Me and my boy.
And my other boy.

David kept talking about wanting to do a sand butterfly. For some reason I thought he meant sand angel, but I let him do it anyway.

After the walk, we went and moved the car and brought the beach toys closer. Then we set about digging.

Lizzie LOVED this doggie.

But really? It was very cold once you stopped moving. So we didn't last too long.