Monday, May 30, 2011

and here we go!

Well, this is me trying to play catch up.

Way back on April 16 we had a bonfire. At the Abelmans. I remember that it was cold. And that we brought wood, but we didn't have a ton of firewood so Darren got out his chainsaw and pruned the cherry trees. But more about that later.

First let's look at this cute picture of Mayah threatening to shoot me with her water gun!

The kids love playing in Brad's boat. Lizzie brought her crown with her on this day and was playing at being Queen of the World.

And Andrew and I took a picture to prove we still like each other. After 10.5 years together, that's quite the feat!

Natasha and I have been together longer, and we still like each other too. We met in the fall of '88. That's a long friendship for a gypsy, let me tell you!

There was some hockey played.

Scenes like this make me want to pave our whole driveway so we can play hockey all the time!

Not everyone wanted to play hockey. Lizzie decided to bounce instead.

I told you it was cold this day.

And the kids ended up playing in the trunk. A rocking good time. Specially when we cranked the tunes and shut the trunk :)