Thursday, September 01, 2011

David, Amy, Ben and Lizzie are sitting `round the table eating lunch and talking about ketchup. David regales them all with a tale about `that time Daddy got ketchup on his shirt and it never came off.`

"They didn't have OxyClean back in those days so I guess they just couldn't get stains off."

It's been four months without cable and yet the legacy of brainwashing lives on...
listening to my kids play together is always so funny.
Lizzie: The princess wants Darth Vader's wife to be beautiful.
David: Yeah but Darth Vader is trying to kill his wife. And their first stop is their friends' house.
Lizzie, showing David her polly pocket which is dressed up in Sleeping Beauty's clothes: Look, here's DV's wife.
David: oh yeah. Look, he has his gun pointed at his friend's house.

Oh the joys of Star Wars Polly Pocket Lego playing!