Sunday, March 27, 2016

After days and days of rain, and then more crafting, we decided to take a break on Saturday and head to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.

There's a gorgeous Shoreline Walk you can do that leads around the inlet.

There are bridges and boardwalks and you walk through forest and marsh and along the ocean. It's beautiful and every part is different.

It seems a great many other people had the same idea as us, and who could blame them?!

The tide was out, which made for some very interesting shore line.

And a lot of photo ops. "You shall not pass!"

Elisabeth was totally into the photo shoot...most of the time. You can see in the photo above that she zoned out while I was trying to figure out my focus and depth of field.

But then she got right back into it later.

Even setting up her own poses.

These two mostly just hammed.

Oh I forgot to talk about the duck blinds. I can see how you would get some good duck hunting here.

While the guys wrestled, or whatever that is, Elisabeth whittled.

And then we were back at Rocky Point and I took pictures of flowers.

On the way home, I wanted to drive to Belcarra Regional Park to see what it was like.

It's worth the drive.

And even though we only spent a couple of minutes there, I can hardly wait to go back.