Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back to the sledding hills!

Our first official act of spring break 2016 was to head to the Whistler Olympic Park for a day of sledding. I'd checked in advance and found out there was MORE than enough snow to be had on the sledding hill, and so we packed ourselves a picnic and headed out.

We brought our boards and Denis brought these tube things. We had an amazing time! Although, I've been singing the praises of their fire pit and how they encourage you to bring food to cook over the fire - and the day we were there it wasn't even lit!

Good thing we'd brought sandwiches!

The kids totally hogged the sleds, so the next order of business is to track down some of these tube things and hook ourselves up. We had to strong arm them to get our own turn.

Most of the time the best we could do was insist on doubling :)

I have a lot more pictures on my phone - I'll try and dig those up because OH THE SHENANIGANS but I got sick of pulling my camera out in the pouring snow!