Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Grab the sunshine while you can

So of course two days after the pro d day, we had gorgeous summerlike weather. I'm not gonna complain.

We packed the car and made plans to beach.

Only my biggest little was sick. UBER sick. Barfy sick. I was prepared to be a good mom and stay home, but even he didn't want to stay home. And so, we grabbed a bucket, a change of clothes, and decided to try our luck.

The kids found a fire pit that was still smoking and got the fire going without us. We unloaded the cars and got David settled.  You can see him off to the right behind Griffin.

All of us were feeling the long winter, the wet spring, stressful month after month at work. This was so healing. I just sat in my chair and took pictures.

David slept.

The tide was all the way out. You could almost walk to Vancouver Island.

Or the United States.

We ate lunch cooked over the fire and enjoyed the scenery.

Elisabeth and Griffin found sea snails and then made plans to cook them.

Nate practiced his wood chopping skills.

Cedar plank smoked snails.

Chatting about things.

And eventually, David woke up. He seemed better.

I made Lizzie a fort.

And then we walked down to the water (it was much closer now, so less of a hike).

Look at all the sea snaily things!!!

Just what the doctor ordered.