Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Harrison Take Two

Well, after our abysmal attempt at a beach day on the Pro D day, I decided that I definitely needed a proper day at Harrison Lake. The May long weekend was forecast to be GORGEOUS and so for the first time in years we skipped the Cloverdale parade <gasp>  and headed to the beach instead.

I threw the usual beach toys into the car, but at the last minute I added a football and frisbee. I'm so glad I did.

Then Griff and Elisabeth decided to try their hand at fishing.

There were a lot of other shenanigans in between. Griffin decided to plunge into the lake for one (SO COLD).

Then, when I sensed the kids were getting bored, we headed to the hotsprings.

I need to find a picture of these four all together from the beginning to compare.

Liz went back to her ferry from last year. It wasn't the same without Haylea.

Still, they mostly had fun.

Then it was time for football in the water.

And bubbles.

In between there was a trip for ice cream. Now that our favorite ice cream shop is gone, I guess that's what we'll have to do. It was so convenient in the past to tell the kids it was time to go for ice cream. Now we have to make up another excuse.