Wednesday, August 02, 2006

These don't even BEGIN to do justice...


I was trying so hard to capture how bruised Kathi's arm and hand and finger are. It's pure green and yellow. SO very worth showing off! War wounds, ya know?

Today she had her stiches out. Very ouchy. They'd pull the stitches up and away from her skin, then slice 'em off with an exacto type blade. Yowsers. I would have cried.

The finger picture is, unfortunately very blurry. But you get the general idea.

She goes back for X-rays in 6 weeks to make sure everything (bones) are healing nicely. The doctor didn't have her test results with him, but he thought that as far as he could remember from his brief glance through them (his words) that the tumour was NOT cancerous. PRAISE THE LORD!

Thank you so much everyone who prayed for her.


kelly said...

SO glad to hear it's not cancerous!!!
and where the HECK is tink???? come ON baby girl!!!