Friday, June 10, 2011

And then we...

So many of my blog postings feel like I'm reciting a list of things we did. Very dry. That said, I don't always have witty stories to recount about the kids and I certainly don't want to even attempt to get deep on here. How embarassing. So here's another picture diary:

One day last week we had a play date. I guess it was Tuesday. The sun was still shining and our friends wanted to come try out the pools.

The girls posed, played dolls and splashed.

Ben did what he does best, drove down our hill. Wheeeeeee!

And David drew. But I haven't got any pictures (that turned out) of that.

The girls played dolls. And talked about babies, marriage and relationships.

The boys lay in the sun on blankets and talked about superheroes and death defying stunts.

Pretty standard stuff :)