Wednesday, June 08, 2011


My brother Rob came to town for the weekend and it was our turn to host him. But I'm feeling kinda lazy these days so I conned the newlyweds into hosting breakfast Saturday morning. While Alexis made a dress to wear to her brother's wedding that day, Dave made waffles. I'm not sure which was more impressive.

We ate outside. There was a Dave table:

The boys:

Miss Lizzie. And apparently that's all the pictures I got of breakfast. It was good, trust me on this.

Saturday was pretty boring. I did some chores, ran some errands, mowed the lawn. David went to a birthday party. Where he got a blue ring pop. Which turned his face blue. See?

We dragged Rob to Fort Langley to hang out. Somebody decided to follow us.

Face palm! d'oh! Or something.

Since it was supper time, we decided to have gelato. Logical, right? I thought so. And bullied everyone else into agreeing with me.

Andrew wants to know where he can get an ice cream THAT size! ;)

Portrait of David
Portrait of Lizzie. That stuff on her eyebrow is makeup. In case you were wondering.

The river is very high. See that little ramp down to the red building? It's usually VERY steep. Here it's almost horizontal.

Self portrait.

Me and my brother:

Watching the boats go by.

We walked along the river to the playground.

Even Rob played.

And then we walked up to the train museum. Where, as usual, there was a photo shoot going on. But we played anyway.

Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals was on. Fort Langley was a ghost town.

We had Subway by the VERY HIGH river for supper.

It was only slightly less ghost towny there.