Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another Sunny Day at the Beach

I thought I'd take a break from blogging the distant past to show you something more recent. Weather here was lovely this weekend, so on Sunday evening we decided to head to Blackie Spit for a walk. Of course, a walk around the spit is not complete without a run through the long grass on the hill near the dog park. And we decided to document it on 'film'.

If there was ever a time I thought Lizzie and I looked like relatives, this was it. She is the cute version of her mother.

We continued around the spit, admiring the flowers and nature as we walked.

And we came out to the waters edge and David took a deep breath and gasped, "I wish we lived here. Then we could do this walk every day." Coming from the boy who was very mad we were even taking a walk (he wanted to go straight to the beach) this was deep praise.

"left or right?!"

What on earth kind of tree grows with this weirdo bark?!

Next I had to do another grassy shoot - this time with my boy!

Hmn. I've heard of poolside seats, but this seems a bit ridiculous.

We finally headed to the beach. Well, I assume the beach was there somewhere....under all that water...

We finally found a patch of sand. And buried Lizzie in it.

We came prepared this weekend. Swimsuits and everything. Lizzie washed off the sand.

A very wet David gave his dad a very wet hug.

Sunny Sunday evenings at the beach make us giddy.