Friday, October 17, 2014

After the bridges, around Vancouver

Once we'd finished exploring Capilano Suspension Bridge, we decided to cross the Lion's Gate Bridge and visit Andrew's work neighborhood. First we stopped at Fresh Slice for pizza perfection and then we drove to Stanley Park to enjoy pizza and snooping on a posh wedding.

 I'm not so stalkerazzi that I took pictures of the bride, but it was fun to watch, and what a backdrop for a wedding party! The live orchestral music was quite nice too.

 Of course my children were too busy beating each other up to notice the grand cultural experience I was exposing them too. So we packed up and drove to Andrew. What should have taken us 8 minutes ended up taking an hour thanks to Vancouver Rush Hour. I'd forgotten how awful that was.

 Finally we arrived and walked down to the Vancouver Convention Centre in time to watch a cruise ship leave port and pretend we were tourists too.

 We decided it was the perfect evening to stroll along the ocean side and enjoy our big city.

 It was also a perfect opportunity to indulge in some photography.

 And finally, the cruise ship left port. I can guarantee you one thing: I will never, ever take a disney cruise. I couldn't stand the music and hoopla. UGH!

 But it was a neat experience to watch the ship leave port.

 Looking towards East Vancouver and the dockyards.

 Port Vancouver. It's quite pretty from a distance.
 Then, because I'd never really done it before, we walked along the sea wall towards Coal Harbour.

 Where we encountered a children's water park outside a pub.

 And a lovely marina with boats we'd never be able to afford.

 And we even found some horses to ride.

 Some of us were more enthusiastic than others.

 And as the sun set, we meandered back towards Andrew's office. I can't believe he gets to come here every day...and almost never goes for walks. What a waste!

 Later this month, Andrew and I will "race" walk through here with the Rock and Roll Vancouver Half Marathon. I wonder if I'll notice how pretty it is.

 This is the site of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Flame. It took  me four years to finally come check it out.

 Very striking.
 And all over Vancouver, there are pianos for people to play. Elisabeth loves to practice the song Grandma Menary taught her last time we were in Ontario.

 Then we stopped at the Convention Centre to watch the sun set over the ocean.

 And take a few selfies. We were hoping for a family picture...
 We'd better keep practicing...