Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Another colour run

Way back last spring, we registered for this Run or Dye race. And then we found out that Color Me Rad was holding a race in our backyard, so we did that race too. And then proceeded to wait impatiently for Run or Dye to happen.

September 13 finally came around, and we headed to Grouse in our colour run finery. As you can see, this race business is old hat to us now.

 While we stood in line waiting to be disbursed, the boys passed the time decorating each other. Unfortunately this time, we only had one colour.

 Side note: I didn't think that Color me Rad was very well organized. But they did have all their colour packs and colour spray and clothes and race gear laid out and ready for you to purchase when you picked up your registration packages. When we arrived to pick up our race gear on the 12th, they didn't have anything set up, let alone their shop. Also, we got more loot in the Color me Rad race, than in the RAD race. When considering children, loot can be important. Although it is quickly forgotten in the face of this:

Oh yes, there is nothing quite like running blindly into a cloud of coloured corn starch.

And while the organization may have been lacking, the views were spectacular (much better than the back lot of the Cloverdale Flea Market!)

And though we're not sure the route actually stretched to 5 km, the hills more than made up for any distance shortage!

I think we're addicted!

I really like the party at the end. And I think my Lizzie does too. Dancing, singing, acting like a bunch of children...

And making a general mess!

 Much fun had by all :)