Friday, October 31, 2014

Day out with my bestie

It's very rare that I get to enjoy a day out with Natasha, even rarer that we enjoy the day out in my end of the valley. So I was very excited when she suggested that her family come out for a visit in September.

But let me rewind. My brother and his wife are expecting their second child any day now. So Ada slept overnight with us to practice having sleepovers. She'll be at our house overnight when the new baby arrives.

We waited for Natasha and her crew to arrive, and then we headed to Steveston for the day. As you can see, we got gorgeous weather. And of course, Ada headed straight for the water.

 Steveston is one of our favorite places, in part because there is SO much to do there, and it's so varied. We parked by the ocean and walked around the park/beach for a few minutes. Then we headed to the cannery and goofed off.

 Then, because it was pretty close to lunch time, we headed to Pajos for their world famous fish 'n chips. Oh yum!

 Plus we engaged in some unabashed selfie taking. Then it was off for a walk to work off all the fried food. The wharfs are beautiful from the water.

 David wanted to reenact a picture I took of him years ago in this same place. It was a little harder this time around, given his long mop!

 Past all the shops and restaurants, you can walk along a boardwalk. There are all kinds of wharves and bridges. Then you come to the old shipyards.

 There are lots of old buildings out there, set up like it was a hundred years ago.

 Ada was so good. I think she enjoyed the trip and the running around, but she also enjoys just chilling in the stroller.

 Then, the boys insisted they'd earned some ice cream. So we headed back to the village.

 And promptly found ourselves some delicious island farms ice cream :)

 Once we'd tired of Steveston, we headed towards Crescent Beach and the Historic Stewart Farmhouse.

 And finally, to the beach to enjoy an ocean sunset.

It was a really, really beautiful day!