Sunday, February 08, 2015

Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum

Going to Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum has become something of Christmas tradition for us. It's one of my favorite holiday traditions, if you haven't been yet, you should. Plus it's free!

So here is a picture of the bigger little monkeys all jazzed up to be at the museum. I think this is them in the general store.

 Here they are again with slightly more normal faces :)

 Adelaide was along for the day too.

 As well as the Island Haehlens.

 So, in case you've never been, Burnaby Village is set up like a pioneer village with shops and houses and everything a little village would have had set up in one little place. At Christmas time you can wander from building to building and see how people lived back then. They have all sorts of things on for Christmas like plays and strolling carolers and entertainers and's great fun. Though maybe a little difficult with two year olds (though they did love jumping in the puddles!)

 Everyone loved looking at all the delicious pastries in the bakery.

 Then we went in to the Chinese Medicine shop.

 At dusk the Christmas lights come on.

 Okay, look at this face. I can't remember what she was mad about, but oh my goodness...I would not last with this sweet little grumpy face!

 Luckily passing her over to aunty to take selfies cheered her up again.

 Another thing they do at Christmas is light up the 12 days of Christmas. Here we have the dancers dancing.

 Riding the tram!
 And the biggest draw (for us at least) is the carousel. It is a restored carousel from the pioneer days too, and BOY does it go fast!

 Ada liked it, but she liked getting off even better. Thank goodness Uncle Andrew was there to hold on to her.