Monday, February 09, 2015

The Last of Christmas

Can I just say this was probably the busiest Christmas we've ever spent? What with traveling all over hither and yon, and jet lag and non-stop activity, we were all feeling pretty tired by the time the second week of Christmas holidays started. Poor Andrew had to head back to work on Monday, but I had Mon-Thurs off, so we continued with our Christmassing and another family tradition.

 Sleeping babies are not the Christmas tradition, but in my opinion, they should be. Ruben is such a little sweet heart, and so very good. He slept through all the fun.

 Alexis introduced cookie painting to our family years ago. She makes dozens and dozens of ginger cookies and ices them, and then we proceed to paint them.

I decided to make a santa vampire bat.

 Everyone gets very creative and not making the cookies look anything like what they really are.

 We also took the opportunity this weekend (before the cookie painting) to indulge in some other traditions. Like making Dave dress up as Santa. This year he posed as Santa with his own children.

(Pop quiz - how many santas do you see in that picture?)

We also did a few family pictures:

 Anyhoo, back to the cookie painting. Also, see that apron Elisabeth is making? My grandmother (grossmeuti) made that when I was a kid.

 Elisabeth snuggled Ruben. It's so sweet to see my children enjoying being the "big" cousins. They're both really good at it.

 And then Jade and Ashlie came for a sleepover at my house. Bunch of lunatics, I love them all :)

 Captain America wanted in on the Christmas action.