Sunday, February 08, 2015

I'm still blogging Christmas? Home for the Holidays

We arrived home from Ontario after midnight on the evening of the 26/27th. After a few hours sleep, David and Elisabeth woke us up bright and early to open their Christmas presents from Santa and us.

Also waiting for us were Uncle Rob, Auntie Eireen and Cara! We had a great morning playing trains with them. 

 It's so much fun pulling out all the toys my kids don't play with any more and enjoying them with the littles.

 And once we were all played out, we ate pancakes!

 (notice the trains stayed with Cara the entire time...)

 The Lyths joined us for breakfast too :)

 And Jade showed off the new mustache nails she got for Christmas from her Menary cousins.

Then the Rossi's showed up for breakfast too. I got to snuggle my Ruben.

Once everyone had eaten pancakes to their hearts content, we headed to grandma's for MORE presents!

And more snuggles too. It's not like we all get together every day, after all.

It was so fun to see Cara and Ada interact together. They're so cute, even when they're having a battle of wills.

But especially when they're racing around the house giggling and holding hands.

Ruben slept through it all.

It was a very good day.