Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter Sunday

For our last full day together, we decided to go to the Easter Egg Scramble at Fort Langley. Most of us arrived at the Fort in time for opening at ten am. So of course, we had to take the picture on the fort sign. We always do.

 And then my children insisted on pictures on the canoes, because, we ALWAYS do.

 It was a beautiful day. I think we were supposed to have rain all weekend, so we were spoiled. It was lovely.

 The big kids (five and up) had a scavenger hunt to complete in order to earn their Easter eggs. Jade, David and Elisabeth charged off to complete the hunt.

 But after a while, I decided they were doing just fine on their own, so I went and looked at the goats.

 And then I found Rob and Charlotte, so I made them come look at the goats too.

 Eireen made Rob and Easter hat, which he wore with pride.
 Then Dave and Alexis joined us, just in time for the five and under Easter Egg Scramble. Elisabeth was allowed to assist Ada, and they were released to find their eggs on the giant map of British Columbia.

 Then we sat on a bench for snacks and chocolate.

 And pictures, of course pictures.

 Then we split up again, and I followed David and Elisabeth to make Easter top hats.

 Which were very fancy indeed.

 But we caught up with the Lyths just in time to see Jade be an apprentice blacksmith and conduct a trade - her gold for the blacksmith's hook they'd just made.

 A very nice hook, Jade.
 We watched some more smithing.

 This time Elisabeth got to be the apprentice, but unfortunately we had no gold to trade for the screw driver she made.
 Then the HahLins left to go get this little monkey down for a nap.

 And Ashlie scarfed chocolates :)

 Jade pouted about some random event from her past.

 And then we made merry.
 And ate more snacks.

 We kidnapped Jade for the afternoon.

 And rushed off to pan for gold with the mad hatter.

 Gold panning is serious business.

 And even Andrew wanted to get in on the action.

 So I had a mini photo shoot with this little dolly.

 Her dress was handmade by Nona, and I thought it was so appropriate for today. She looked a little dolly.

 Then we went back to visit the goats again. Good thing goats are my favorite.

Thank you family, for an amazing Easter weekend <3 br="">