Monday, April 06, 2015

Good Friday

Happy Easter! We had a wonderful weekend with our family, celebrating and playing. Let's start our recap with Friday.

Some of us went to Richmond to putter around the 'good malls'. Others of us stayed in Langley and did things like walks and playing Minecraft. Then we all convened at mum's house in the evening.

Let's talk about Ruben for a moment. He is seriously the happiest baby I've ever met. Pretty much any expression or sound you make at him makes him giggle with glee. And as long as he has a finger or two to chomp on, he doesn't really ask for much more. Well, not that I've seen.

Ada was her usual delightful self and posed for me like a champ.

Oh! And we managed to capture some of Rubey's faces on camera. He's such a little talker. Oh! Which reminds me (though I have no pictures or video to prove it,) but Ada has the sweetest, quietest little singing voice. I was carrying her today and she was softly singing a little song and I just wanted to melt. Gosh, I love my nieces and nephew.

Jade got sorted on the comfy couch and red the littles a story.

And Charlotte! Charlotte was here for the weekend (with her parents of course!) And we played pirate ships. We had a baby and a mustachioed dada (who looked strangely like Rob), and we made them play on the ship and sleep and then we tried to find a mama. But we had to settle for Polly Pockets.

I was very happy that Cara warmed up to me really fast and enjoyed playing with me. And unsurprisingly, all the babies loooooooove Elisabeth and can't bear to be separated from her.

Which makes for some super cute pictures. Jadey is also very good with these bubbas and mothers them all.

Sharing a chair and looking ever so solemn.

Ashlie braided Elisabeth's hair. Don't they look alike in this picture? I always comment on how they look like twins, but check this out!

Oh Ashlie, just smile pretty for Auntie, PLEEEEEEEASE?

*sigh* fine then.
Uncle Rob gave his patented car rides around Grandma's house. They're always a hit.
Plus they make a fantastic opportunity for pictures.

Even Aunty Eireen wanted a ride around the house.

And after much hilarity, it was bed time for all. xo