Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Saturday was so good too...

This morning we headed downtown to Granville Island, except for the Lyths who had Kumon and Alexis and Ruben who needed a chill day.

The main priority was to hang out at the Kids' Market. We started at the Puppet Store. David had a Raccoon in a garbage can -

 "He doesn't like pictures, Mom."

 When we'd all assembled, the girls hopped in Dino the Dinosaur and went for a ride.

 And then they hopped on a carosel and went for another ride.

 Ada was the pageant queen, waving and smiling like a boss.

While Charlotte was supremely calm and sucked on her fingers.

Then we moseyed on over to my personal favorite, the wood store, to play with Thomas and his friends.
 And I seized the opportunity to take a few pictures of Charlotte. I wanted to make up for losing all the pictures I took at the pumpkin patch in October.

 A few minutes later, Dave and Ada showed up and joined in the fun.
 Then it was outside to play on the tugboat.

This may just be my new favorite picture.

 Seriously, I just wanted lots of pictures of everyone, so I could blog.

While we were standing there, a familiar face wandered over. No, neither of those two faces.

 It was Kyle, who's a Vancouverite now! Yippee :)

So we wandered off to the market for lunch. Andrew and I had smokies, which incidentally I think I'm over my Granville smokie obsession; David had pizza; I don't know what the HahLins had because they ate inside, Ada had fish and chips and Kyle and Dave had Mexican. I think I need to branch out more!

Then we went for a stroll. I was hoping to walk the whole perimeter of the island, but life with toddlers is not predictable. And so we walked as far as the gelato shop where Ada and David were SO EXCITED!

 And we saw this boat, which was called The Relief. And I told David that's because it was the Toilet Boat. And then, when he'd finished having hysterics,  he asked me to make sure I blogged this.
 Your wish is my command, child.

Then I took this picture of everyone in the alleyway, so that we would have photographic evidence that Kyle was with us.
 David insisted on sitting on this because it reminded him of another one he'd sat on (maybe the one at Steveston?)
 And then Ada was so excited because there was another one and she got to it before EVERYONE else.

 Until David jumped on behind her.
 She put up with it like the good little trooper she is.
 After this we made it to the machines, which everyone got a kick out of. And then, all too soon, it was time to leave. Adelaide came home with us while Dave got a ride with Rob's family. Dave sang a bit of a song as we were leaving - the theme song from Cat in the hat - and Ada said, "do it again!" over and over until he would sing the song again. Then she would laugh and laugh and laugh and say, "that's a silly song!" before making him sing it again. He was very patient with her and she was just delighted.

When we got home, everyone reconvened at my house for crafts while Kathi and Cody cooked the most delicious Easter Feast of Lamb, ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies galore...it was delicious!

Meanwhile, back at my house...

 First we all got busy making bunny masks.

 Even the tiniest littles joined in on the fun.

 And as we finished our masks, some of us made plate bunnies too.

 And then we hopped around my living room exclaiming, "I'm a bunny!"

 And posing prettily.

 Or whatever.
 And then we posed for group pictures in our masks. We are such a festive bunch.

 A crazy, scary, festive bunch.

 I was showing David all the mall bunnies and how scary they all are. So he refashioned his bunny (after complaining that I'd ruined his life and he'd never be able to sleep again) and did the zombie bunny walk.

 And while the littles watched youtube videos, we put the finishing touches on our feast.

 After dinner, all the kids (even the teenager!) ran outside to play hide and go seek until it was too cold and too dark to play outside anymore.

 Brothers, laughing. I can't remember why.
 But then arranging themselves, rather classically, in an optical illusion, to make Rob look taller than Dave.

 Not every one was ready to quit. Playing outside until all hours is just far too much fun.

 And Ashlie, oh Ashlie. you're so beautiful. Even when you're making awkward expressions.

 And angry ones.

 We love you, first born grand baby.

 It was a wonderful Saturday, but Sunday was a comin'.