Monday, June 22, 2015

Parades are my favorite

And I am so happy to be introducing a whole new generation of kids to my favorite pastime.

This year we had my sister's family as well as the neighbors and Ada join us. Here's a crazy pan picture of everyone:

I should add that Saturday we were at the parades in Cloverdale, and these are from the May Day festivities in Fort Langley. As you can see, Ada is very happily tagging along with us.

If you've never been to the May Day activities, I highly recommend them. We start by going to the parade. Which also means coffee and a treat from Wendel's. The parade is awesome (by which I mean it's not just real estate professionals in their cars and martial arts students marching).

Last year, it rained but this year it was HOT. And crowded and awesome.

The candy is of course a highlight. Especially for the two year old.

I like the classic cars.
And others appreciated the dancers.

After the parade we grab lunch. Last year we did the free lunch at the church up the street, but this year we opted to stop at my favorite grocery store and grab some healthy food. Which we ate in the Marina Park.

Before heading to the field for the carnival. Rides, carnival games, music, and a market. It's a really good time.