Monday, June 22, 2015

School trip to the Vancouver Aquarium

The school made a year end field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. I love field trips, but I hate that when we go to Vancouver we end up with about two hours wherever we are before we have to come home again. So this time I elected to take my own car and stay till we got bored. Elisabeth rode in on the bus and David came in with me. So we hung out outside and let giant sea monsters intimidate us.

The stuff of nightmares, isn't it mum?

It started to rain so we tried to go for coffee at the new cafe Cody built. Unfortunately, nothing opens there till later. So we waited in the drizzle.

When the school arrived, I had David and four of his classmates, all boys. We had a scavenger hunt type of worksheet to complete and about an hour to do it in, so off we went!

David and the sharks.
Here's my crew; they were fantastic.

We were all a little bummed that we got the scientist version of the beluga show, although I guess in the current climate of anti aquariums that was probably a good thing. The boys really wanted to get splashed though.

We sent home the school, and exchanged Elisabeth for three of the boys and decided at the last minute to keep K too.
Have you done a 4D show at the aquarium? They're soo much fun. Not only do you have the three d effect and the incredible sound, you get water, bubbles, smells, poked in the back and swished from under your seat. It sounds a little creepy the way I'm describing it, but it makes the shows so interactive.

I missed Kandace in this group shot (she was taking pictures of penguins), but here's one last shot of everyone before we headed off to play on the beach. Must add a day trip to Stanley Park to my summer to-do list!