Monday, June 22, 2015

Phone Dump

Here are some random pictures from my phone in the last while.

Ashlie and Jade hung out with us for an afternoon/evening and we went for a very long walk through Brookswood. We stopped by this wall to take some pictures. You can see how into it they were (for reals) by the crazy faces they were making.

I bought a fit bit this spring and I've been trying to take more steps. This particular day we needed to walk to Brookswood because my car doesn't have enough seats for all of us. But these three kept diverting us and diverting us and by the time we got home, we'd walked more than ten k!

And this sort of hilarity ensued pretty much the whole way.

Ada and Lizzie sure love each other. Ada gets so excited about her Lizzy and Elisabeth loves not being the baby anymore.

Pro-D day in May means a spring trip to Harrison Beach. I couldn't believe how low the water level was here. You can't really tell from this picture (it looks pretty gray), but we've had a crazy dry winter/spring and now our summer is supposed to be HOT and dry too.

As per usual, we walked to the hot springs and then pretended we were Hobbits and Orcs racing down the hillside.

This is one of my favorite spots because of the vegetation and the beauty of this spot (plus we pretty much always have it to ourselves).

But you can really see how that whole mountain seems to be made of a series of boulders loosely piled upon each other and held together by a mass of moss. It's a little scary!

The trail eventually leads in behind the Harrison Resort.

And once we'd finished exploring, we headed to the beach to wade around.

And stage more battles.

I can't remember where this is from, but they're so cute. And they actually look like they like each other.

We've been heading to the pool a lot this spring and they often have fun stuff set up. Like this bridge in the deep end.

Ruben came to school to pick up the  big kids one day. He fell asleep shortly before we arrived,
but woke up in time to play with the big kids too.

Dollar store mustaches. A constant source of hilarity.

Ada, yelling at me, "Look! I catch an Ada!"
And Lizzie bought herself facepaint. She's still learning...