Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A low key first of August

Well we had grand plans for the first of August, but as it turned out, it was quite a rainy afternoon.

However, it all started quite well when we went for bread at the Brottegge and got first of august buns!

And tried on hats!

Then ate traditional Swiss food at the Kreuz restaurant.

Then Dad left us by the side of the road and told us to fend for ourselves.

Ha ha just kidding. But he did drop us off so we could take the kids to the park. First we walked past a campground.

And through a meadow.

Past a farm.

To the newly refurbished Lenkerseeli playground. It is SO different from when I was little or even from when they were little.

The kids thought it was pretty radtastic.

The all over hit was the zip line.

I wish I could have tried it. But I think I would have dragged my bottom down the hill.

We ran around a bit checking out all the other offerings.

And even tried out the new train (it was a hit!)

But eventually made our way back to the zip line.

Then Andrew had a nap.

Until David decided to jump on him.

Just kidding :)

Video of the zip line here and here.

We saw some Lenker cows.

And visited my grandparents.

And after dinner we went to town and watched the celebrations. They began with the procession to the town square. There were flag bearers and bell ringers and little children carrying lanterns and grown ups carrying torches.

We made our way to the square and watched the alphorn blowers and then listened to the speech.

And then it was time for the fireworks!