Wednesday, August 05, 2015

In and around Lenk

On Monday morning, the kids and I walked up to the local second hand children's clothing store to snoop. We didn't find anything that we couldn't buy in Canada, so we continued on, back to the Lenkersee.

The kids played on the swing.

36 or so years ago I played on a swing at the Lenkersee too.Last time we were here in 2008, this swing was still here.

I thought I would miss it more, but the new playground really is quite cool.

David and Elisabeth had one last train ride.

And despite the disapproving looks from the grumpy old guy who drives the train, I let them slide down the zip line one more time too.

I may even have encouraged them to get a little crazy.

My children are almost always willing to oblige.

Then we went for a walk around the Lenkerseeli.

I am really going to miss being here. I don't feel like it was anywhere near long enough.

And I know Andrew and the kids feel the same way too.

After lunch at home (rosti and chicken made by grosspapa. YUM!) we went for a drive up to the Iffigenalp. Dad, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the house where Grossmeuti and Dad were both born.

Once you get past a certain point on this road, they only let one way traffic go up. So while Dad and the boys waited for our time to go up, me and Elisabeth walked.

This is the Iffigenfalls.

Of course there were all kinds of flowers growing along the roadside.

And this is the crazy one way road.

Taking video footage of the falls.

Another shot of the crazy road.

Then, just before the top, Dad let me and the kids out so that they could climb every single rock on the approach to the restaurant.

There are several hikes that pass through here and so there is a restaurant as well.

These mountain climbers built up an appetite.

And then we walked up the road and met Dad and Andrew.

Where we watched hikers come down some of the terrifying wanderwegs that lead into the Iffigenalp restaurant.

From the balcony of the restaurant, we could see this man salting his cheese, so we went up to take a closer look.

You could buy the cheese right there.

And then we admired the cowbells on his chalet.

We watched some farmers haying behind the restaurant.

And recreated some pictures from 08.

As well as one from 78.

Then we went to visit one of my favorite uncles, Uncle Sammi.

This is him and Aunty Clary on their wedding day.