Monday, August 03, 2015

train rides: a brief interlude

A friend of mine was asking me what the train rides are like here (we've sent a lot of time on trains this holiday). So here is a brief post just for you, Kandace:

First of all, I get to spend time with this beauty.

And this handsome young thing (doesn't he have great hair?)

But then I get to go through farmland like this.

And see interesting little farm houses like this one.

Or hilarious stores, like this Metzgerei Wursterei von Moos!

Or the Pirate Pub.

Then we passed into this little valley, with the Toblerone Mountain.

And see all kinds of art and decor along the rail lines (it's more likely to be an animal, or a gnome but I quite liked this too).

I'd like to tell you that this sort of scenery is unusual and we were riding through a particularly beautiful part of Switzerland.

But I think I'd be lying.

Though I haven't spent a lot of time riding around in say, Zurich. So maybe I am just in the prettiest parts of the country.

The black zig zagy lines show where we've been this trip though.

Anyway, I think I've made my point about the scenery.

(I really would have liked to get off the train here and look at this store!)

If the scenery ever should get boring, we do have other methods of entertaining ourselves.

I'm sure everyone else on the train wishes we would go away. Apparently the Swiss like it quiet.

One last picture of this beautiful girl <3 comment-3--="">