Sunday, September 13, 2015

I knew there were more...

I found the pictures on my camera!

On Sunday we hadn't found anything to do yet, so we decided to make use of our bus passes.

 But as we were sitting on the bus, I got a facebook message notice from my Aunt Maria. So we hopped back off the bus and rushed to the hotel to find her. I'm so glad we did. Spending time with her was one of the highlights of our time in Eastbourne.

We went to the beach.

Where Aunty Maria showed the kids how to skip rocks.

 And Elisabeth dipped her toes in the ocean.

 We walked up Terminus Road towards the mall - there was a market going on.

 Which reminded me very much of the markets in Penticton.

 After the mall, we walked by a different route back to the beach.

 Because Elisabeth was desperate to try the bungee jumping.

 I think it was a bit more difficult than she'd expected.