Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Last Day

Well, it was a flying visit. We only had two full days, plus our two travel days. So on Sunday we wandered down to the beach and collected some shells and stones.

 I think we intended to come back with a bag and get more, but we never did. Still, we had enough for a mason jar full. The rocks were really different here, quite interesting. I'll have to take a picture some time.

They dredge up rocks every year and deliver them to the beach.

We happened to reach another of my aunts, Maria, who hadn't been at the party. And spent most of Sunday with her. We went back to the beach and threw rocks in the water. Then we wandered along the waterfront.

 We ventured to the pier.

 And then we went to the famous Harry Ramsdens for fish and chips and mushy peas. ABSOLUTELY delicious.

 Then dad went back to the hotel for a nap, and made our way to Primark. Maria chose clothes for Elisabeth so she could put on a fashion show. We started with this leather jacket.

 And quickly progressed to a full on show. As you can see, Elisabeth was REALLY into it.

 I wish we could have found the shoes in her size.

 Then we walked back to the beach again, and Elisabeth jumped on bungee trampolines and the kids slid down the minion slide. (I must have more pictures on my camera, I'm sure I got some selfies of me and Maria somewhere).

 Then Maria bought both kids cool treats - they'd worked up a sweat!

 We said goodbye to Aunty Maria and went for one more walk with dad. Then it was dinner at our hotel.

 And one more visit with Vicki's family. There was live opera music playing at the bandstand and the most incredible sunset. What a glorious weekend.