Sunday, September 13, 2015

Phone Dump

Here's the rest of August from my phone.

Ashlie and I hanging out - not really sure what we were up to.

Elisabeth's birthday dinner at Montanas.
Shades of poker night - give 'em a few more years?!

Elisabeth and her hair chalk.

And this is so very typical of her.

The weekend after we got home from Europe, we went camping with the Lyths and Goldstones.

It was "Halloween in August" that weekend, and the kids got to do a whole bunch of activities - like carving pumpkins.

And riding these machines.

Which - I can't wait to go back just so I can ride one again. SO MUCH FUN.

Katherine like it too.

Then the kids got to dress up and go trick or treating!

Lizzie was a mime.

Fan girls!
Raggedy Ann and an artiste!
The burgler attacking Jade.

And an amazing sun set over Fort Langley.

More from the beach the following week.