Friday, April 01, 2016

Hopppy Easter

For a while I tossed around the idea of having an Easter party this year. In the end, it didn't work out. But on Easter Sunday, I did decide to decorate eggs. And something like that is always more fun if you invite friends. And so we did.

Rachel had never decorated Easter eggs before. The family she was with last year didn't celebrate Easter. So it was kind of fun to have someone new to Easter hanging out with us.

I bought one of those kits with the colour tablets and ideas on how to decorate. But as is usual, the kids each kind of chose their own path and didn't really use the kit.

Meanwhile, I played with bubble wrap.

And eventually lured Ashlie into joining me :)

Once we'd finished decorating the eggs, we pulled out some Easter gingerbread houses. I bet you didn't know those existed. Oh you can buy that kind of stuff for anything these days. And being as we stopped at Walmart on our way home from church, they were super duper cheap.

Meanwhile these two snuggled and stuff.

While Ashlie and Rachel worked as a team, the three littlers (maybe I need to start calling them middles? We have three teens, three almost teens and 3.5 actual littles. Oy we're growing fast!) anyway, these three each chose a side of their house and worked independently.

Their house was a little less...traditional.

It was hard, but I persuaded them not to eat the house.

Obviously we had a lot of fun.

And ate a LOT of icing.

Happy Easter :)