Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Business Acumen

It's been a long time since I've written an anecdotal post about one of the kids. Between work and my craft business and living life, this poor blog has become a very scant record of our lives. I was looking for pictures yesterday though and spent some time poring over some of my early posts. I'm so thankful we have this record of David and Elisabeth's early days even if the more recent posts aren't very interesting.

Speaking of, let me tell you about Elisabeth.

Have you heard of beanie boos?

That's one right there. The kids are going CRAZY for them these days. One of Elisabeth's classmates has over 40! That represents at least $240 worth of stuffed animals!!!

Anyway, one of Elisabeth's classmates decided to start a business offering day care services for his classmate's beanie boos. He hired several of his classmates (including Elisabeth) to be minders and found clients who needed their beanie boos taken care of. At the end of the day on Monday, Elisabeth was playing with one of the toys. The owner came up behind her and asked her to pass his BB. So she tossed it at him. He missed and the toy almost fell on the floor.

Being protective of his stuffed animal, he filed a complaint and demanded that she be fired immediately. And she was.

That night as she ranted and raved about the injustice of it all, she also plotted her revenge.

And so on Tuesday she opened her own Beanie Boo minding business. She hired her own minders and stole all of her classmate's clients. Without any clients of his own, this classmate was forced to come and work for Elisabeth.

And then, once she'd driven his business into the ground, she closed up shop. Beanie Boo minding is boring, after all.

Moral of the story? Well, aside from maybe a caution not to cross Elisabeth, I'd say this girl is going to go places...