Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Penticton Car Show

I love car shows, and my kids love them up to a point.

For years I've wanted to go to the Penticton Auto show and when I heard that this year it was going to coincide with the Elvis Festival....

...Well there was no stopping me.

The driving weather was delightful. Well. It cleared up after we got through the mountains.

Bromley Rock is a day use/camping area in between Princeton and Hedley. I love it there so much. Well, the whole drive between Princeton and Keremeos is beautiful. I love that area.

We had our dinner here. See, there's our red wagon.

On Friday it poured. Andrew and I worked while Dad entertained the kids. Then we headed to the mall for pedis. Which resulted in a bit of shopping.

Then late that afternoon, we headed to the beach to preview any cars that had arrived to set up.

Oh yeah. I like cars. They're so pretty.

We ran home because that first night they have a parade of cars down the strip. I MISS THIS PART OF THE LANGLEY CRUISE IN SO MUCH.

There was a long wait, so we ate snacks and took selfies and played duck duck goose by the side of the highway.
I'm such a great mother.

Finally the cars arrived and it was SO WORTH IT.

G'ah! Is there a more beautiful place to watch beautiful cars?

Look at that sky.

And the people in their cars were so thrilled to be there. Many people come year after year and they all know each other. It was so cool to be part of this.

She's so hardcore in her muscle shirt :)

Saturday dawned clear and beautiful. And the market was on so we parked on this side of the market so we could walk through on our way to the car show. That was either the smartest or the dumbest thing we've ever done.

David bought a bunch of vintage VW Hotwheels. That may also have been the dumbest thing we ever did.

We wandered all the way down to the end of the road and headed towards the peach where dad was waiting for us. I stopped to take a picture of David and his cars.

And I saw this wagon. Oh this gorgeous, gorgeous ill fated wagon.

While I was admiring the wagon, David stopped to look at his cars. And then he wanted to show me something. So he walked over to show me, and as he fumbled with the case, it fell open and all the beautiful cars fell out.

All over the storm sewer drain.

I was the only person with reactions and I grabbed and stuffed cars in my hoody but at least two slipped away forever and my little boy was devastated.

Eventually order was restored and a wonderful lady helped us so much, David's feelings were restored and we continued down the strip.

We stopped for lunch at the Tiki Hut where I had a crab burger (yum!)

And then we headed to Oliver and the waterpark.

And back to Penticton to our favorite beach side park.

And Elisabeth insisted on stopping at the exercise park.

Then I finally got to stick my feet in the water and relax for a while.

Dad was on the evening news (that's him on the far right).

And then Andrew and I went for a walk along the beach to enjoy the live music, the atmosphere and more cars.

Way too soon it was time to come home. Obligatory stop at Bears for a photo opp.

And I finally got a picture of this sign, which cracks me up every time we drive this route (and I have NEVER seen a sheep in all our driving up and down this highway...)