Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The big camp: day six

My kids are so beautiful when they sleep. I'm obsessed with taking pictures of them and I keep them all on my phone.

Alas, the day was a bit grungy. So we planned inside activities. We started with shopping at Chilliwack Mall. Lizzie needed a new swimsuit. That accomplished, we went across to Cottonwood Mall for pizza  and lotion. Camping does a number on your skin, yo!

After that we headed to Chillibowl lanes. I used to love Chillibowl lanes. Holy hannah. The bowling was fun, but the woman behind the counter was a dragon. Rude just for fun? Then laughing about it with other patrons? Thank goodness we don't live in Chilliwack and I never have to go there again.

On the other hand, the old school equipment was kind of pretty.

It was $30 for 6 people, so I decided I would read. But I ended up taking a lot of selfies instead.

Look, even the bowling balls are beautiful.

And the oldskool pinball machines?

After bowling we decided to drive through Rosedale.

Of course that meant a quick stop for ice cream.

Then we hatched a mad plan to drive to Harrison Lake.

We climbed a mountain...well we climbed a little bit. Most of us had flip flops on, so we didn't go that far.

Then we stopped in the lake village, because some of us desperately needed a Muddy Waters coffee. The kids meanwhile wanted to play chess.

A quick picture by the sasquatch.

Another quick stop to look at the wood carvings.

The boys cut wood, and Lizzie started the fire.

I had to take a picture of this (David made me) because the potato looked like it had a warrior head.

Despite the weather, this was a pretty good day.