Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The big camp: day seven

Tuesday sucked. Really bad.

So we went and did laundry.

After a while, I hid in the tent and cried. Lizzie found me.

And then she knocked water off the roof.

It rained and rained and rained and rained. So we all just hid

The rain finally stopped so we decided to golf.

This is the euphoria we felt when we realized we could leave the tent.

We got down to the store to pay for our golf and they made us wait :(

The course was fun.

And really pretty.

We finished and I built an epic jenga fire.

Then we played chubby bunny. He won.

And then Andrew and I texted back and forth and decided that since Wednesday was going to be sunny, me and the kids would spend one more day camping and then we were gonna pull the plug.