Thursday, August 11, 2016

Birthday partying

Elisabeth turned ten this summer and so I finally got my act together and planned a party. I love having parties, and I love planning them even more, but I find the communicating with strangers in the time before parties the stressful part. And now that I'm a working mom and I don't know the moms of my kids' friends, its a source of major stress.

But sometimes you just have to get over yourself!

 David helped me decorate. It's so handy to have a tall son who can climb on counters and reach places I'd rather not.

 Elisabeth and her BIG party hair.

 One of Elisabeth's guests was gluten sensitive so we planned a sundae bar instead of cake. Elisabeth made signs for the candies.

 Elisabeth is such a girlie girl! I was talking to Ashlie about her birthday parties and she raved about spa parties. I don't have the entourage to pull off a spa party with my friends, but I'd heard of Lime Girls. They bring the party to your house and do all the work. So we had a small spa party (manis! pedis! Chocolate face masks!) and they brought the chairs, the tables, the rugs, the boas! It was awesome.

 I one hundred percent recommend doing the party this way. So easy. And then I could sit and chat while the girls had fun.

 Unfortunately, they  only do parties for girls (and senior citizens). Us in betweeners aren't as fun to party with.

 Then the girls went outside and did the bean boozled challenge. YUCK

 With flavours like baby wipe, vomit, cut grass and dirty socks, I was not interested in playing. I also made the kids play outside so if anyone did barf, it wasn't in my house!!

 Birthday pizza.
 And birthday sundae.

 And the icing on the cake, so to speak? Lizzie lost a tooth too!

Can't believe my baby is ten :(