Sunday, September 04, 2016

Out at the old swimming hole...

Way back in my university days we used to visit Williams Park. It was a quiet place to take Subway and eat it in the sun; or to go tanning during work hours. It's kind of a hidden treasure, even when it's busy by WP standards, it's still not as busy as the local water parks and pools.

And so, it continues to be a favourite hangout for our family on hot summer days.

This particular visit, the whole crew was there. We ignore the whole beginning of the park and head for our swimming hole. Really, we should just start parking by the side of the road on that side of the park and scootch down the side of the bridge...

When the kids were really small, they never ventured past the clay banks. I would read a book on the shore while they played with the clay and got very, very dirty.

The clay is still a favourite.

 But eventually we always make our way to the deeper pools and the bridge. Often times, there are crayfish to be found in the water.

 But this summer the rope swing was the main attraction. The first order of business? Trying to figure out how to get hold of the rope!

 Not all of us were as interested in capturing the rope.

 Finally Elisabeth determined that if she stood in the water, she could just about hook it with a branch.

 Now for the big discussion over who was brave enough to swing. Of course, there's only one answer to that question...

 And there he goes!

It was REALLY cold.

 But once he'd made that initial swing, there was no stopping Griff.

 The other boys were more content to conduct science experiments in the rapids.

 Love these summer days <3 br="">