Friday, October 27, 2006

Elisabeth is very cute....oh and I think there's a picture of davey too....

Yesterday we showed you how much Tink likes her play mat. Now that she's mastered grabbing all the toys, flipping herself onto her sides and turning in ciricles on the mat, we thought we'd let her play in the exersaucer.

Actually, this was probably her fourth time in it, but up till now she's basically leaned against the side (she can hold her head up great, but wasn't so good at holding her body upright), so we'd get her right back out again. Today she managed about ten or fifteen minutes playing in the exersaucer and boy did she love it!

Next week: A girl and her Jumperoo

Oh, and Davey and Daddy are still working on perfecting that front door (that's right folks tomorrow will be day FIVE). Here's davey taking a break from working to see what Joe's up to on Blue's Clues.