Monday, October 30, 2006

what a difference a few days makes...

katt came down to our suite this afternoon and said, 'davey wants to come over'.

'excellent!' we replied, 'here's his bag.'

not that we wanted to get rid of him, but since he wanted to leave us....

it was the second time today that i had freedom and didn't know what to do with it. el went down for her morning nap without a hitch. in her bassinet even. i tried to lure davey outside to play, but he decided he'd rather watch tv with dad.

'fine,' i said. 'i'm going out without you.' only the dilemna was, where to go?? halfway there i decided to get groceries. only someone who has been a mother knows how incredibly weird it is to go grocery shopping alone when you're used to having babies with you all the time. i felt like i was in a cloud the whole time, and not necessarily in a good way.

anyway, so this afternoon davey headed off for a play date with jadey and tink looked like she was ready for another nap. this left me and andrew at a loss for what to do.

so...since we didn't learn our lesson last thursday (when we nearly got blown into the ocean), we decided to head to crescent beach. sleeping ellie in tow....

we took turns, one of us holding tink (by now awake and not really appreciating the cold so much) and the other snapping pictures. this is one of mine.

the sun was just so pretty on everything. the colours amazing...

i loved this tree, but andrew got a better picture (scroll down for his version.)

it was about here that i realised my fingers were numb with cold. 'quick hon, let's get a shot of us, then i want to hold the warm baby.'

hmn, maybe i'll just grab a couple a pictures of her since she's so cute...

this is her making a davey face, though she's managing to put her own spin on it. but those of you who know davey might recognise something daveyish about the eyes...

oh and now andrew is being so tender with tink, i just have to get a picture of that before i hand over the camera (maybe i wasn't so good at sharing after all...)

oh! here we go. andrew's picture. click on it for a bigger version and see how he captured the shadows the grass was casting.

and this is his version of the apple tree picture. this is what i meant to do.

andrew takes really good pictures. i think it's because he's more patient than me. in fact, i even get impatient with his patience. poor guy. here's some more pictures of tink looking cute. this is in the car while we warm up.

the view from our car window while i quick made sure elisabeth was 'fed up' before driving to katt and cody's house.

hey, we went trick or treating and this is what we got!

and now davey's napping, andrew's barbequing, so mumma is taking more pictures of tink.