Sunday, October 15, 2006

Second Annual Birthday Trip to Aldor Acres

In what is hopefully going to become a yearly tradition, we (us, Katt and her kids and Grosspapa) visited Aldor Acres yesterday for Davey's birthday. It was really cold, but we all bundled up and had a fabulous time!

In one of the bars they have a "pig" who sings and plays the banjo. Davey was very intrigued by this pig (as you can tell by his facial expression) but the rest of the kids just sang and danced. Even Tink!

Once Tink and I were back outside, we all hopped on a wagon and took a ride out to the pumpkin field. Davey wouldn't actually touch any of the pumpkins (too yucky), but he did let me sit him on one for a picture.
The girls on the other hand, were ecstatic about finding the perfect carving pumpkins.

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Here we are once we finally decided on what pumpkins to get!!

And while Grosspapa talks to our Hay Wagon Driver (who happened to be swiss, like we are), the kids danced and hugged their pumpkins.