Thursday, October 12, 2006

More about the clothes...

I can't even begin to say how blessed we've been in regards to clothing our children. When Davey was born, I didn't think I would get any showers because I don't really have friends that I "hang" with regularly. I was surprised with two HUGE showers, AND Andrew's home church mailed us tons of parcels. We have only just this season had to start buying clothes for our boy thanks to the generousity of practically everyone we've ever known.

With Tink we thought we'd be buying everything since you don't get showers for second children, and my sister had (since I told her to) sold a lot of her smaller sized girl clothes (she did give us everything she still had which was starting at about size 1).

Chad gave us the most amazing outfit: Purple cargo pants with a matching top and Pink suede and fur vest!

And now I mentioned we got a huge box of clothes from Natasha yesterday. I'm still in the process of sorting and putting away, but among the treasures:

  • a whole box of shoes. Black patent Mary Janes, red patent Mary Janes, ballet slippers, runners, sandals....I'm in heaven!
  • a fairy costume (the garden fairy variety) which is gorgeous and should totally fit her next October!
  • this is complicated to say. The inside and edges are trimmed with white "fur", the outside is PINK (yes Chadya, PINK) ultra suede winter coat with matching little boots. OMIWORD!
  • A gorgeous pair of velour pants with matching little peasant style blouse
  • dress upon dress upon dress.
Wow. Tink is soooo lucky! and we are so blessed!