Sunday, December 06, 2009

The kids and their babies. Davey's is the turtle in the vest. Elisabeth has the teddybear and the dolly. They've been playing a lot of mommies and daddies lately, but I noticed they spend almost as much time playing Star Wars.

This evening we went to the Cloverdale parade. We got there a bit early so we could walk around. I wanted to look in the windows of La Belle Vie:

It's a pretty store.
(what's with all the meat and video stores. Just doesn't seem like a natural mix to me).

Then we went to one of my favorite stores, In the Company of Friends. I've been in a crafty mood lately and wanted some ideas. Plus, it's also a really pretty store.

We walked around for a while, then staked out our spot for the parade.

Not the most flattering angle for a picture. However, here we are. Eighteen layers on, blankets, hats, scarves and still FROZEN. Let's hope the parade is worth it!

My camera doesn't take the greatest night pictures. But here are a few ideas.

There was a convoy of semis that went on forever. It was spectacular. Each semi was full of lights and many of them had vignettes on their flatbed. Absolutely amazing.

And the parade lasted almost an hour, nearly double the length of the Langley parade. My only complaint is a similar one to the Langley Parade. They had a church float (with a man singing carols) right infront of a Party Truck's float and you couldn't hear any of the carols. Too bad.

Other than that? We're wearing even more layers next year.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool...reminds me of the electrical parade at Disneyland.
I hope semi with all the reindeer in the front won some prizes!

Amanda said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Lights!! Those trucks are covered in lights!! Wow!!

The store looks like a nice store too. Thanks for letting me look in the windows!

I've not lurked around for a while so I thought I'd drop in and gander at all your posts. The kids are getting big! I thought the snow pics were cute, where the kids were taking snow with them. I miss the snow. TN isn't snowy enough for me.

Hope you have a nice christmas this year!

Take care!! :-)

Amanda and Jim

Ned Noodle said...

did you see elliot and I? I was pushing a firetruck go-kart and Elliot was in it!
And that La Belle Vie store (or however you spell it) is Andrea Ashton's fay-vo-rite store in the whole world. She was just there today.
Next year we should go together. Cloverdale is our hood.
have a great christmas!