Monday, December 21, 2009

We had to make sugar cookies for Kindergarten on Monday. There was some dough left and I really don't like sugar cookies...but then I had the brainwave to roll them in cinnamon sugar. Not bad.

Jade and David helped with the cookies too.

Then I left the room. For seriously, about two minutes. When I came back Elisabeth had found my icing dye and somehow covered herself in it. UGH!

Jade made a reindeer and made him into rudolph!

And hey! It snowed :) It was fun while it lasted.

Which wasn't long. Now that Rob is safely here, I'm hoping that we'll get some know, for a white Christmas.

On Wednesday, David and Jade and Ashlie had their Christmas concert.

Here's the K class singing S A N T A.

And my cute lil munchkin.

Jade was an elf...a very, VERY cute elf.