Saturday, January 30, 2010

if there was any doubt before, he's definitely a boy (and not a baby) now...

What a difference 7 weeks can make! I wish I had a better picture of his curls, but I guess I wasn't thinking. It's hat season and almost every picture of David has a hat...or bed head. I absolutely adored his curls, but they were getting very unruly. And it was spring for a good haircut that would accentuate his curls, or save him from what was quickly becoming a very Louis Rukeyser type of do.

So Kathi attacked him with scissors today. And I think David looks very good...and also very old *sob*.

In other news, there's not much to blog because we've all been sick. David got it first, two weeks ago now. He spent all of this past week horizontal and pretty much silent. Ear infection, pink eye, and a cough that was so bad he's pulled his stomach muscles and emptied his stomach more than once. Then Elisabeth got a milder version.

Remember how excited I was that David had broken 43 pounds? He's back to 41. And Elisabeth dropped almost 3 pounds and is down to 38. Sheesh. The good news is, they won't need any new clothes for a while ;)


the katt said...

maybe his face will baby up again when he gets some meat on those bones... what a handsome little boy!!

Amanda said...

He looks different - but still as cute as can be!