Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Another Day at the Beach

Years ago, I was the editor of TWU's yearbook. There were only three of us who were regular contributors, so coming up with photo captions was my job (actually, almost everything was my job, but then, I was the only paid member of staff...). Anyway, every time I have to come up with a title for a posting, or those days I'm trying to catch up on my blogging, I'm reminded of those yearbooking days.

Today was another dry day in the Fraser Valley. It wasn't exactly a nice day, more a variable day. And very cold compared to days recently. So we asked the kids what they would like to do, and they both asked to go to Ikea. So off we set, checked them in to the kids' area and set off to wander 'round the store.

I should have gotten a lot more sleep recently if we were going to enjoy our makeshift date. I was so tired I could barely concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Between Andrew's cough, me being sick a few weeks ago, the kids' being sick, and just not being able to find my sleep rhythym anymore, I'm barely getting any sleep these days. And it's really starting to take a toll. But, it was still nice to wander around. It's a cheap date too (if you don't buy anything!). Maybe one evening we'll do it again and just have coffee in the cafeteria area.

After we'd spent our hour in Ikea, we decided to go for a walk at the beach. And wouldn't you know, the weather cooperated and it was sunny and warm. Very pleasant.

This time we didn't bother with bikes, just grabbed the beach toys.

The tide was on it's way out, so we walked down to the wet sand and started digging. Well, the other three started digging. I collected green rocks. There were so many. I brought some home to add to my landscaping here.

Andrew worked on his castle building technique. I wasn't really down with crouching in the mud, but maybe in the summer I'd try it at Harrison.

Even David tried. But then he saw how his hole filled with water and played in the water instead.

Elisabeth said she saw a fish in a puddle. She was showing me how it swam away from her. LOVE how she did the fish face and the arm movements!

Her castle. The first time she used the castle kit Nicole bought her for her birthday this year. We all agreed it's AWESOME and can't wait to try it again (preferably at Harrison).

David gave up digging in favour of trying to catch fish. There were actually lots in this pool, but they were tiny and very fast. I don't think David actually even saw any.

The only decent picture I've gotten of myself recently. I stood up on the breakwater to get a different angle on David. I was very glad not to fall face forward into the pool infront of me. It was pretty doggone deep!!

Elisabeth joined David and they tried throwing things into the water to try and rouse the fish.

Amazing light and sky at the beach today.

All this time Andrew was working on his castles, so we went to check on his progress. David was impressed. Very impressed. And insisted on a picture with them.

Then he was upset that he wasn't supposed to play too close to them. So he went for a wander and a sulk.

Luckily the sulk part didn't last long and then he agreed to go for a walk with me.

When we came back, the castles were even MORE amazing!

David was very upset at the thought of the waves destroying them, so after we'd packed up, I told the kids to kick the castles down themselves.

Elisabeth got a little too involved and knocked herself over as well as the castles.


whenjamiemetkim said...

Great pictures! The lighting was perfect and the shots and the ocean & sky are amazing!

ramblin'andie said...

Thanks Kim! There's something about the beach that almost always makes my pictures turn out better!