Sunday, January 10, 2010

We may have watched just a little too much Retro Toons over Christmas break. (C'mon, it's addictive. The classics. At least we all watch together).

I got my first clue when Davey, Elisabeth and my brother Rob started reciting the Slap Chop ad to each other. I guess I rationalized it by saying that the ad is annoying and bound to get in anyone's head.

Or maybe I should have known when Davey told me we needed to get a toaster oven.

But I got my real wakeup call yesterday. We stopped for gas and as Andrew and Elisabeth exited the car, David bound into the front seat next to me and said, "Mamma, did you know you can get money for your old gold? Then you need to know about cash for gold. Just go to or you can just put it in an envelope and send it to them or you can make a phone call."

uh huh. It might be time to cancel our cable...